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Olympic Glory and Atos (now there’s a mix!)


I’m sure I can’t be the only one who has been inspired by the athletes at the Olympics.  I’d posted on Facebook how I sincerely hope my little girl is inspired by the women athletes in TeamGB, rather than the bubble-heads gracing our mainstream media on a daily basis.  It appears I am not alone in my sentiments as many people agreed with them and then I found this


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Did anyone see the Dispatches programme regarding Atos and the DWP and their screening process for social security sickness benefits?

I have one word – horrified – but sadly not surprised. 

I have been through the appeal process and it is demoralising, worrying and downright depressing – as the Dr involved in the training of new doctors at Atos points out the benefit was designed to get people off benefits…  What a sorry state indeed, let’s not tax the bankers but take benefits from those in society who really need it – great logic!  If you are interested in reading more, I found this