Blue Monday


So I’m confused, was it today or last Monday?  Either way ‘blue Monday’ is considered to be most miserable day in the calendar year.  The day started fair here but then the clouds gathered and before I knew it the lights were on as it was so dark and dismal; so much so, I considered cake.  To be fair I did more than consider it…  I found some walnut loaf cake and scoffed it with a coffee marvelling at how quickly the sky had changed (I do like a bit of coffee and walnut).

A wonderful photographer I have known since we were kids took some amazing pictures at the start of the year as the waves battered my home county, Pembrokeshire.  She manages to capture the changing sky beautifully.  The first picture is of Broad Haven’s front taking a complete hammering from the sea –


and this is how Broad Haven looked just a couple of months earlier –


Newgale in particular was very badly hit and so a beach clean up has been arranged, if you are free and in the area, they’d appreciate the help –


Elaine 🙂


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