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Halloween is a hoot!


“Black is black, green is green, anything for Halloween?”

Anyone remember that one or are you all ‘trick or treaters’?  I’m probably showing my age here, but as kids, we had never heard of trick or treating.  We would dress up in a black leotard and tights and draw the skeleton bones onto the fabric with chalk, or throw a sheet over our heads and get into trouble for cutting holes in it for eyes – eek!  Then we’d go from door to door and collect money, not sweets.  Strange how things change isn’t it?  I still love this time of year though, dressing up, carving pumkins, or swedes back in the day (they smelt bad!) and scaring the living daylights out of each other.

If you’re looking for something different to mark the event, take a look at my Halloween skulls lantern –

Add a sh-pooky copper glow to your Halloween!

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If you’re looking for tasty treats for your party, then there’s nowhere better to look than Pinterest.com

Have a look at my board for some ideas – click here

I just love these –

Halloween Witchy Cup Cakes, 46 Awesome Halloween Recipes

Picture courtesy of : http://meowchie.snydle.com/halloween-recipes.html